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Vapor 156 Dance School

Vapor 156 Dance School is a cultural project with the intention to provide you with all you need to come to dance to Havana. If dancing is one of your passions you must come to Cuba. Some of the most famous and popular dances in the world were born right here. Mambo, Chachachá, Salsa, Son and Rumba are among them. We are the ideal solution to make everything easy for you to take dance lessons, meet artistic talents, and visit iconic dance clubs and places where Cuban people go to dance.

We are the ideal scenario to learn about Cuban dances and music but also to share artistic ideas and get in touch with the artistic talent of the island not promoted by the official sources to give you the unique experience to get to the roots and get familiar with the most authentic artistic work in the island.

Why Vapor 156 Dance School?

Elizandro’s educational background comes from dancing schools. He started his professional career as a dancer and dance theorist, therefore since the beginning Vapor 156 has always been surrounded by a conspicuous relationship with music and dancers that also embraces our guests.

Last year as our guests’ request we decided to start with dance lessons at the hotel. The results were amazing. We all had so much fun and the experience created so many expectations that we felt intrigued about making something that could not only provide our guests with a learning-entertaining experience but also to be able to fulfill the hunger for knowing and being more actively involved of dance lovers and professionals. That led us to the dancing project.

How do we do it?

We have gathered dancers, musicians, artists and collaborators from different artistic manifestations to be part of the project and organized it all in a way that you won’t need to waste time in bureaucratic details because we’ll take care of them for you.


How to get in touch with us and the project?

By simply booking our services in the website Vapor 156 will be glad to host whatever you’ll have in mind, so you won’t have to feel stuck into an inflexible schedule. Plan your own dancing trip; we’ll organize it for you.

Contact Information


+53 78778453 (Front Desk)
+53 55819594 (Elizandro Owner)
+49 16097941361 (Dirk Owner)
+53 58647588 (Jorge Manager)


Vapor street #156, between streets Espada and San Francisco. Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba.