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The National Theater of Cuba


The National Theater of Cuba is the headquarters of The Cuban Contemporary Dance Company. It is a cultural institution that promotes dancing, dramatic art, theater for children, music and visual arts in Cuba; developing the spirit and intellect of the society with quality and promoting the most authentic values ​​of national and international culture in all artistic expressions, with excellence and professionalism.
The National Theater of Cuba has two large halls:

  •  The Covarrubias Hall with capacity for 850 people. It was named after Francisco Covarrubias, a theatrical author considered the founder of the Cuban Theater. It was inaugurated on February 20, 1960 with the plays “Mulato” and “Mambí”, by Ramiro Guerra. In this hall, dramatic arts are performed in any of its manifestations, as well as small-format music concerts and vocal interpreters, dance or shows where all art manifestations can be interrelated.
  • The Avellaneda Hall with capacity for 2 254 people. It was named to honor the most illustrious female figure from the Cuban romantic letters: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda. On its stage shows of great artistic production for music, ballet or any other large-scale manifestation are performed.
    Both halls have excellent acoustic conditions and are equipped with modern lighting and sound technologies, as well as different services (costumes, make-up, and stage services).

The theater also has two Art Galleries: the “René Portocarrero” gallery and the “Avellaneda” gallery, which are located at the lobbies. Both art galleries are devoted to promotion and sale.

The National Theater of Cuba

The National Theater of Cuba is one of the few theaters in the American continent that has an indoor artwork collection. The gardens with a beautiful, exuberant and varied Cuban flora house valuable environmental sculptures by prestigious Cuban artists. The interior design work also stands out, as well as the murals. Plays for children are also hosted in this area.

The ninth floor of the institution, located in the central tower of the building, is a multipurpose space used mostly for experimental theater performances, high-level specialized workshops, rehearsals and video recordings.

The Café Cantante Mi Habana and the Piano Bar Delirio Habanero are also located within the facilities of the theater, where the best of live Cuban music is offered.