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“Benny Moré” Pink Room, at La Tropical


The “Benny Moré” Pink Room, at La Tropical stands out in Havana because it’s a completely different scene. It’s quite simply exceptional. A large, open-air venue in the Marianao district, it’s full of Cuban youths madly dancing casino and salsa from Los Van Van, Pupi y los que Son Son and the most famous Cuban salsa bands.
Many people consider it the Mecca of the most famous salsa and casino bands. This is the place to go if you want to experience dance and music in its entire splendor.
The dancer’s palace is located in Playa municipality. This place is considered of undisputed supremacy among the preferences of Cuban music lovers which is preceded by it slogan: “The most musical salon in Latin America” They officially named after “Benny Moré” , to honor this great Cuban musician.  
Throughout its history, singing and playing there has been considered a litmus test that announces, depending on the reaction of dancers, the success or failure of the performer and his band. 
Chats on art, photographic and visual arts exhibitions, as well as record sales could also be found at this place.

It is a large sky open space, with a bar. In 2010 it was completely remodeled with an excellent audio and lighting system, designed to provide a powerful experience.
The room opens every weekend, from Friday to Saturday at 8:00 pm and closes at 2:00 am. On Sundays it offers matinees from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Although this is the realm of popular dance music, other traditional and contemporary musical genres are also performed, as rumba, trova, hip-hop, reggaeton, rock, electronic music, among other styles.